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The Intersection of Journalism and Foreign Aid
The University of Leeds is conducting an interesting symposium examining the link between foreign aid and journalism, particularly in Africa and South America. How do you think foreign aid has impacted our journalistic int...Continue Reading
South African Rand Leapfrogs Nigerian Naira As Africa’s T...
From (South African Rand) The South African rand has regained its position as Africa’s top currency, leapfrogging the Nigerian naira this week. This comes after four major events in recent months: th...Continue Reading
Meet Bisola Lucas, 9yr old Nigerian Author
A 9-year-old Nigerian author, Bisola Lucas who recently completed her elementary education at the Temitope Elementary School, was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Lucas in the ancient town of Ilesa South West Nigeria. ...Continue Reading
World's Oldest Evidence Of Cancer, Bony Tumours Discovered
Scientists suggest that cancer may not be a consequence of modern lifestyles. Johannesburg: Scientists have discovered the world's oldest evidence for cancer and bony tumours in human ancestor fossils found in South Afr...Continue Reading
MTN Names Citigroup, Standard Bank as Nigeria Listing Adv...
MTN Group Ltd. appointed units of Citigroup Inc. and Standard Bank Group Ltd. as advisers on a planned listing of the wireless company’s Nigeria business on the country’s local stock exchange, part of a deal struck with th...Continue Reading
Afropreneurs: Meet Aina Fadina, The Creative Force Behind...
Our new regular series, ‘Afropreneurs,’ gives our team here at Okayafrica the opportunity to bring to the fore the faces and minds of the brilliant entrepreneurs powering Africa’s most innovative and creative brands, chall...Continue Reading