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Festival of India-Lagos audition highlights a people’s pr...
Like the snail and tortoise that do not travel without hauling their shells along, particularly the snail which does so with elegance and grace, so, too, the Indians, who, though colonized like Nigeria, have managed to rem...Continue Reading
Lagos government, others hold summit on infectious diseases
The Lagos State government, in collaboration with three organisations, will today begin an African conference on emerging infectious diseases and bio-security in Lagos. The organisations are Global Emerging Pathogens Tr...Continue Reading
Police warn young people in Punjab and Delhi are buying h...
Young people in Punjab and Delhi are now being supplied with heroin sourced from illegal opium farms in Malda, West Bengal. After being processed in illicit labs in Uttar Pradesh, it is pumped into the national Capital ...Continue Reading
Welsh nurse travels to Ethiopia to treat patients with a ...
Welsh nurse Mari Clarke with Zeritu, one of the Ethiopian patients she treated for facing eating disease Noma. A Welsh nurse has spent three weeks treating African patients battling a deadly face-eating disease. Mari...Continue Reading
Nigeria just pulled an unexpected move to support its bel...
Nigeria's central bank unexpectedly hiked rates in its first decision since depegging its currency, the naira, from the US dollar. The Central Bank of Nigeria raised its key interest rate by 200 basis points, up to 14.0...Continue Reading
Phone box baby’s mission to find man who found her 22 yea...
A woman who was dumped in a phone box when she was just two hours old has started a search for the man who found her. All Kiran Sheikh, 22, knows about the man that found her is that his name is John or Joe Campbell and...Continue Reading