Youth key to winning anti-corruption fight
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Youth key to winning anti-corruption fight


    The Federal Government’s on-going fight against corruption stands the risk of being totally dissipated if concise and strategic effort is not made to drive change in the mindset of the today’s Nigerian youth. Unfortunately, an alarming number of them are not bothered about the negatives of being involved in corruption as long as they are not caught in the act, laying the ground for a mortgaged future.”

    The President of the African Public Relations Association (APRA), Mr. Yomi Badejo-Okusanya, made this assertion while speaking at the second yearly lecture of the School of Communication, Lagos State University (LASU).

    Badejo Okusanya, while commending the effort of the Buhari-led administration, posits that the time has come for it to widen and perhaps, deepen the narrative concerning corruption.

    In his own estimation, while the punitive measures currently being pursued are good, it must be accompanied by virile advocacy that appeals to human reasoning, showing the devastating effects of corruption, but strongly building a case for lives of integrity.

    Speaking on the subject, Corruption, Image-making, National Development and the Role of Marketing Communication, Mr. Badejo-Okusanya, who also doubles as the chief executive of CMC Connect, lamented the exclusion of any Nigerian university in the just released global ranking of top one thousand universities, which has 10 African tertiary institutions.

    In his opinion, the blame for this abysmal showing can only be laid directly at the doorstep of bad leadership fueled by pervasive corruption, which has ultimately crippled Nigeria’s growth. Mr. Badejo- Okusanya relying heavily on reports from Transparency International, catalogued the unenviable positions Nigeria has commanded in this ranking year in year out. Again, referencing a report by PWC, which said by 2030, if nothing drastic is done to fight corruption to a standstill, a staggering 37 per cent of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product, will have been swallowed up by corruption.

    Badejo-Okusanya, therefore, charged Nigerian youth to shun all forms of corruption and other vices, if they ever hope to salvage the nation. He tasked them to make up their minds so as not succumb to corruption in its various forms, while clearly admonishing them on the value of personal and corporate integrity.

    On the role of marketing communication, Badejo-Okusanya advised all stakeholders in the sector to act decisively even ahead of the government. He charged them to come together and form a pressure group that will deepen the narrative of the fight against corruption, leading to the necessary attitude-change.