The Intersection of Journalism and Foreign Aid
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The Intersection of Journalism and Foreign Aid


    The University of Leeds is conducting an interesting symposium examining the link between foreign aid and journalism, particularly in Africa and South America. How do you think foreign aid has impacted our journalistic integrity? 

    Read the blurb below for more details: 

    This symposium will examine the influence and impact over the years of foreign aid on journalism practice and education. In so doing, it aims at developing a research agenda to examine issues and problems arising from the intersection between journalism, foreign aid, public diplomacy and foreign policy in historical and current contexts. Although the geographical focus is Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean, we will welcome scholarly contributions from other areas of the Global South. The format of the event is explorative and therefore full papers are not necessary at this stage. The idea is to discover opportunities for collaborative research including joint research grants and publications as well as other types of exchanges.

    This event is the first of three public meetings of the Development Assistance and independent journalism in Africa and Latin America: A cross-national and multidisciplinary research network project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and Department for International Development (DFID) under the auspices of the Global Challenges Research Fund; it is also part of the continuing Media and Governance in Latin America series of symposia (most recently convened in 2016 as a IAMCR preconference).  The symposium today is organised by the Global Communication Research Group of the University of Leeds School of Media and Communication.

    Questions that the project aims at addressing include (but are not limited to)

    • What has been the role of international development assistance in shaping journalistic approaches and practices in Africa and Latin America and what are the consequences?

    • What is the existing body of research concerning this issue?

    • What has been the role of development assistance in shaping journalism education in Africa and Latin America?

    • To what extent has international development assistance fostered or inhibited independent journalism in Africa and Latin America?

    • What are the similarities and differences in the direct and indirect impacts of development assistance of journalism from the US, UK and other donors?

    • What are the continuities and discontinuities concerning the impact of development assistance on journalism practice and education in the post-Cold War era?

    • How has international development assistance either directly or indirectly affecting journalism been perceived by journalists, politicians and the general public in the beneficiary countries?

    • What interventions could be developed to counter any negative consequences of these traditions?

    Planned outcomes:

    • Edited Special Issue of a Journal

    • Edited collection of essays in a book.

    • Joint grant applications

    • Collaborative PhD scholarships

    Convenors: Dr Jairo Lugo-Ocando & Dr. Chris Paterson, School of Media and Communication, University of Leeds

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