What will be the impact of TN's research platform?

2014-May-14 10:08

Additional research questions

Does crowd-sourced research spell a new future for academic and business investigations?


By building this research platform, Transparent Nigeria hopes to dramatically change the landscape of research on topics concerning Nigeria. Too often, investigators are frustrated from a lack of data and a lack of connections. However, by leveraging the wisdom, the network, and the resources of the crowd, TN's research corner aims to help researchers avoid such roadblocks.

The hope is that TN's research platform becomes the go-to destination for intellectuals invested in Nigeria. The research corner may be a tool one uses to further research or it may be required reading for those curious about Nigeria's history and its future. Our innovative publishing format makes the content of research projects accessible to all readers. We encourage participation through tools that allow researchers to invite teammates and through our commenting board which allows all users to easily exchange tips, feedback, and information.

We strongly encourage you to give it a try, and spread the word!

Support needed

We need all visitors to spread the word of the research corner! We also need those who are inclined to create projects on our site. We promise that it will be one of the most useful steps you take during your research journey.

Last but not least, we are keen to engage private-sector stakeholders who would be willing to support our efforts monetarily. Such support is absolutely necessary for us to sustain the research corner.

Progress and updates

25/Jul/2014 16:20 - a) We had our second meeting with NgREN and are nearing completion of a workable arrangement to launch the product among their 27 academic institutions. We are excited about the partnership and potential growth given NgREN's goal to connect 600+ higher education institutions in the country.

b) We met with Microsoft4Afrika for a preliminary discussion on how the storied tech company might put financial and technical support behind the project. We look forward to meeting with them again.

c) We're nearing completion of our redesign of the Data page so that it is easier to navigate and is easily searchable. A highlight for the new data page is the receipt of 298 reports from the National Bureau of Statistics covering a varied number of topics and industry including the Nigerian economy, labor market, agriculture industry and other. We will upload all reports to the site to make available to our researchers and general audience. We aim for the data portal to be the one-stop shop for all government and private sector data reports on Nigeria. Right now, data generation and collection is too fragmented!

25/May/2014 16:14 - We met with Dr. Yemi Kale, the Statistician General of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Dr. Omobola Johnson, the Honorable Minister of the Ministry of Communication and Technology (MCT), and Dr. Atah, the ICT Head of the National Universities Commission and lead of NgREN.

The meetings were productive, and it was agreed that this research platform held much potential for all stakeholders involved. The research platform is useful for TN because it furthers its mission of deeper investigation into Nigerian issues and raises the bar for online engagement. The platform is useful for the NBS and MCT because it allows them to integrate and publicize their Open Data initiatives to researchers. The platform is useful for NgREN because it is an application that can sit on top of their fiber network and will be yet another productive tool for its member universities.

The outline of the partnership between all stakeholders can be read in the attached memo. The next step is to engage and win the support of private-sector sponsors.

14/May/2014 10:08 - We've built the research corner and are now meeting with key stakeholders in the government and in academic institutions.

We have set up a meeting with the Statistician General, Dr. Yemi Kale, of the National Bureau of Statistics. Likewise we are set to meet the Honorable Minister of Communication and Technology, Dr. Omobola Johnson. Both have graciously agreed to listen to our vision and provide assistance.

TN is also investigating ways to partner with like-minded institutions and programs including the Nigerian Research and Education Network (NgREN) headed by Dr. Atah of the National University Commission. NgREN has just been implemented in 27 federal universities and will soon be commissioned in all federal medical colleges and off-campus sites of these universities. We hope our research platform can be a powerful tool to facilitate NgREN's efforts.

Addional research materials

"Memo" (pdf) - Download 3-bar-menu
Description: Outlines the partnership, roles, and responsibilities of all the stakeholders in the research platform including TN, NBS, MCT, and NgREN.
"Draft of Flier" (png) - Download 3-bar-menu
Description: This is a preliminary design of what a potential flier publicizing the research corner could look like. Formal partnership with NgREN is currently pending.

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