Can Nigeria Be A Model for Success?

2015-Apr-22 17:42


Thesis: In a world that is increasingly defined by the tensions between Islam and Christianity, economic progress and cherished tradition, all nations should be invested in the success of Nigeria, because as a country of 180 million people clamoring for economic prosperity and evenly divided between Muslim and Christian, it is a perfect microcosm of these global tensions and its success will serve as a model to be emulated by all nations who desire to prosper in this modern era.

Support needed

We have an outline of how we would like to approach answering our research question. However, the research that is required is extensive, and we need help researching and writing each part of the outline.

If you are interested in contributing, comment on this project post or email us and we'll continue the discussion. Contributors that are approved will be given access to the google doc to edit and add to the article.

Link to Google Doc

Progress and updates

22/Apr/2015 17:42 - We have a comprehensive outline.

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